Does Mother's Diet Affect Breast Milk |

Does Mother’s Diet Affect Breast Milk

Does Mother's Diet Affect Breast Milk

Breast milk is the only food for the newborn baby until the first six months. The breast milk must be nutritious so that your baby gets the minerals necessary for growing up. The quality and the nutrients in breast milk depends entirely on the mother’s diet. It is essential to ensure that the mother’s diet gets enough attention to fulfill the requirements of your baby

Make Healthy Food Choices

Does Mother's Diet Affect Breast Milk
Does Mother’s Diet Affect Breast Milk

Pregnancy is the period when you always give a close watch about food choices. However, when you breastfeed, it gives you more freedom on the food choices with very fewer restrictions. It is necessary to have a rich diet with a lot of veggies and fruits. The healthy food items from various food groups help you to stay healthy and also to make breast milk highly nutritious. A rich and complete diet ensures that breast milk is very nutritious to provide your baby with the necessary energy and nutrients. Including different food items in the diet can even influence the taste of the breast milk. It will later influence the eating habits of your kid. 

Do Not Worry About Calories

Breastfeeding is indeed a process that can help the mother burn calories effectively. In a day, you may burn 300 – 500 calories by breastfeeding. You may start feeling very hungry when you nurse your kid. Nursing time is not when you should think about going on a crash diet as it is not the time to think about reducing your weight, but you should focus more on having a healthy diet that fulfills the nutrients that your baby needs. 

Drink Water

When you are breastfeeding, you should also be sure about the water intake. Try to drink as much as water as possible. The body needs a lot of water for health, for the energy and also for the overall health. Keep water bottles ready in the home so that you keep drinking water. Remind oneself to drink enough water throughout the day so that you feel energetic despite all the running around and effort you put in nursing and caring for the little one. 

Reduce Caffeine 

As a new mother, you may feel exhausted as you need to be available 24×7 for the baby. However, resorting to an energy drink or coffee whenever you feel exhausted is not a good idea. These beverages may make you energetic, but their intake may make your baby very fussy, or they may not sleep well due to the presence of caffeine in breast milk. You can include one cup of a coffee in a mother’s diet if you crave caffeine, but more than that may only make you exhausted as it can give you a cranky baby. 

Mother’s Diet: Food Sensitiveness Of The Baby

The mother’s diet is by the way the food intake affects the baby. It is necessary to observe and find out the way different food items influence your body. The baby may feel gassy or fuss when you have soy, wheat, or dairy products. 

Mother’s Diet: Avoid Alcohol

Does Mother's Diet Affect Breast Milk
Does Mother’s Diet Affect Breast Milk

Alcohol is not suitable during pregnancy or nursing. If you crave a lot of for sitting, the maximum you can have is two drinks in a week. A drink here means two beers or 8 ounces of wine. If you consume alcohol, breastfeed your baby after 2 hours. 

Mother’s Diet: Herbs And Medications

Breast milk is safe even when you consume some of the herbs and over the counter medications. However, it is good to talk to the healthcare professional before you intake any medicines.

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