Flu Shot Hesitation

Flu Shot Hesitation: Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?

Vaccinations have been under scrutiny as of late. The seeming rise in cases of special children has cast a spotlight on probable causes, and vaccinations and immunizations are being given a second look. The flu shot has undoubtedly not escaped such scrutiny, with both benefits and risks being studied. We all want the best available protection for our children and ourselves, so invest some time to know what is being said about the flu shot.  Here are some essential things to know.

What Is The Flu?

Flu or Influenza is a contagious disease. It is a respiratory illness that is caused by influenza viruses. Similarly, infections are usually via contaminations through the nose, throat, and lungs. Likewise, symptoms range from general malaise to severe illness, and sometimes even death.

Known Advantages

Flu Shots Are Quite Safe

For many years watchdog groups have been suspicious that a preservative in vaccines was connected to a prevalence of autism in children. Research has so far established no link between vaccines that contain the suspected chemical and autism. Furthermore, flu shots given to children do not include this preservative.

It Won’t Give You Flu

While the flu vaccines have strains of the flu virus itself, flu shots will not give you the flu. No variant of the flu shot puts you at risk of contracting the virus.

It Can Save Lives

Flu Shot Hesitation: Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?
Flu Shot Hesitation: Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?

Every year thousands of people are treated for the flu and its related symptoms. There are also many documented fatalities attributable to flu and its arising complications.

It Is Accessible

Flu shots these days are reasonably easy to get. While e family physician can administer one, even local pharmacies can give you a shot. The flu shot has also gone down in cost considerably, making it also financially accessible.

Alleged Risks Involved With Getting A Flu Shot

Flu Shots Have Side Effects

Some people that get the vaccination develop side effects like redness, soreness, or swelling in the area where the shot was administered.  Some people also experience mild flu-like symptoms of low-grade fever, aches and pains and general malaise. These typically go away in a day or two.

Not For Everyone

People allergic to eggs may react adversely to a flu shot. If you have any suspected egg allergies consult a doctor first.

Not A Catch-All

Flu Shot Hesitation: Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?
Flu Shot Hesitation: Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?

There are more than one strains of the virus, so even if you get a flu shot, it might not protect you from all the virus strains. Ask your doctor about the available choices there are for the different variations of flu shots. Nevertheless, people who still catch the virus despite a flu shot report much less adverse symptoms.

While vaccinations are certainly a personal choice, as much information should be made available so people can make informed decisions. Fortunately, there is a wealth of literature regarding the flu shot and other vaccinations. Try to know what you can. And of course, consult a trusted physician when you come to a vaccination crossroads.

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