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Fussy Baby Conundrum

Fussy Baby Conundrum

Parenting is challenging stuff, and it is not for everybody. It requires a lot of patience, calm nerves, and stamina. One of the tricky situations a parent will deal with is a finicky baby. Fussy baby episodes include bouts of prolonged crankiness or even crying with no apparent cause, or so it seems. Usually, there is a reason for your baby being in the doldrums. The feelings just cannot be verbalized by your little child.  The patient, loving parent, will typically try several ways to pacify a finicky baby until some calm is restored.

What Causes A Fussy Baby?

A fussy baby is a manifestation that there is some form of discomfort. The problem with these situations is not so much how to deal with them, but recognizing them in the first place. Unfortunately, babies cannot explicitly tell us what they are feeling. As parents, we are left with educated guesswork to figure out what is going on. The only thing certain is a fussy baby means there is something that is not normal.

How To Diagnose A Fussy Baby

A baby will typically cry when it wants to communicate a number of things. Hunger, soiled diapers, exhaustion, and sleepiness are all common reasons a baby will resort to crying. This is its only way of getting your attention. A parent is thus led to investigate further if a baby cries or is cranky if none of the above reasons seems to be the cause of why you have a fussy baby.

What To Do With A Fussy Baby

Fussy Baby Conundrum
Fussy Baby Conundrum

Provided there is nothing particularly wrong that requires a visit to the family pediatrician; there are many remedies that a parent can employ right at home. Many times fussy babies just need a little bit more TLC and attention. One of the best ways to deal with finicky baby behavior is to cradle and rock your baby to a peaceful state. You do this by smoothly swaying your child left and right in a semi-circular motion, but very gently. If you get tired, a rocking chair is especially helpful.  Having a baby swing on hand could also prove to be an invaluable tool.

Another way to introduce a motion to soothe your child’s mood is to take a short drive around the neighborhood. The quiet trappings of a car’s interior along with the humming of the engine can surprisingly bring some tranquility. Conversely, sometimes introducing some kind of noise also helps to distract a baby from a cranky mood. Parents can effectively use household sounds like vacuum cleaners or electric fans to create some kind of static noise. Of course, if your fussy baby is cranky because of colic, then use anti-bloating strategies to try and release the gas. Another old school remedy that still works wonders is to use a pacifier.

Can You Prevent A Fussy Baby Episode?

Fussy Baby Conundrum

The answer to that would be yes, but only to a certain extent. Babies are developing and they are undergoing new feelings and sensations almost every day. A finicky baby crying is its only way of expressing itself.  Once you have done all you can to investigate and determine the cause, and if you rule out any underlying triggers like an illness, then there is no substitute for a parent’s care and patience to ride out the fussy baby storm.

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