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Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues

Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues

There are five different types of family planning. These options have been shown to lower the risk of several types of cancer while increasing fertility rates. Understanding how these types of birth control work are the first step toward having healthy children.

Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues
Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues

Commonly Used Sterilization Methods For Children

There are two commonly used sterilization methods for children today. The pill and the IUD are safe, but they are not as effective as a more modern method called the laparoscopic sterilization surgery. This surgery uses a small camera to see through the cervix into the uterus, and it can detect any blockages that may exist. The surgeon then removes the blockage using an instrument and sterilizes the area.

Many couples choose adoption over childbearing or birth as their birth control methods. This is because adoption is not so expensive that it causes a financial burden. Since so many people are unable to carry a child to full term, adoption becomes a viable option. There are many agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting those who adopt.

Condoms have always been known as the most popular type of birth control. They are highly effective at preventing the transmission of disease and infections. Since a condom is inserted into the vagina, it prevents pregnancy from occurring.

Latest Types Of Family Planning Methods

IUDs are a newer form of birth control but are very similar to the copper IUD. It may be possible to get an IUD without seeing a doctor first. However, the copper IUD is often placed by a doctor for several months before insertion to see if a woman can take the pain.

Also, among the various types of birth control available today, the tubal ligation is one of the oldest methods available. A woman may have been tubal ligation in the past. She may have considered this at some point but never took action. In today’s world, a woman would likely be advised to go to a doctor to have it removed. It can be done by a doctor or with a laser.

Furthermore, emergency contraception is a newer type of contraceptive options available to those who can not have children. It is an over-the-counter drug that can be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. There are three different brands available, and each brand comes with different instructions on how to use the drug.

Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues
Types Of Family Planning And Fertility Issues

Use Birth Control Pills

The only prescription birth control method is a prescription contraceptive like Depo Provera. Doctors may also place the medication in the mouth, and some women prefer to chew it up so it does not fall out. The monthly hormone injections have never been approved by the FDA for medical purposes. This is usually reserved for birth control for people who have fertility problems.

Birth control pills have therefore shown to reduce blood pressure. Birth control pills also help prevent menopause and other effects of menopause. They may be prescribed by a doctor, but they are most effective when used correctly and with care.

About Different Types Of Family Planning

The last type of family planning is intrauterine devices (IUDs). This is a small device inserted into the uterus that has the hormone progestin inside of it. It releases the hormone progestin and prevents fertilization by sperm.

The last two types of birth control are generally the most effective and safe. Also, if a woman has had a tubal ligation, she should talk to her doctor to get it reversed. If she is at risk for chlamydia, she should get screened. The best methods of birth control for fertility problems are almost always sterilization and the IUD.

In our current society, many people do not understand the importance of family planning. The last thing a mother wants is to have a baby before she wants to. Also, by speaking with her doctor, she can take all of the necessary steps to allow her to be a good mother and avoid suffering from anemia and infertility as a result of not knowing the types of family planning.

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