Why Do Kids Lie? : A Matter Of Concern For The Parents

Why Do Kids Lie? : A Matter Of Concern For The Parents

Moral Development Increasing care As They Age

Why do kids lie ? is a serious question that arises in the minds of most of the concerned parents. However, experts can give logical answers to this question. Several observations through so many studies revealed some simple facts regarding this issue. It is quite a common tendency for the kids to lie, especially during their pre-school days. Also, at such a tender age, it is foolishness to expect anything logical from them. At this stage, the kids are not in a state to differentiate between good and bad things. They tend to imitate every action they see. Moreover, whenever they lie, it is due to some fear. To make them abandon this habit, it is essential to understand their views.

Why Do Kids Lie? : A Matter Of Concern For The Parents
Why Do Kids Lie? : A Matter Of Concern For The Parents

Why Do Kids Lie Be A Serious Question

Most of the kids try to deceive their parents for petty things. Usually, this habit is quite common at the delicate age group of 2-4 years. However, the parents fear that their child might grow up into a social deviant. They want to get proper guidance to ensure that they can raise the child with the correct values.

Sign Of Mind Development

On the contrary, eminent experts say that this is not at all a matter of much concern. This is a very natural phenomenon and a part of human psychology. Also, it is an initial sign of mind development in a child. In biological terms, this is known as the ‘theory of mind.’ When a child misleadingly claims something, it is an indication to grab your attention

towards his desires.

However, for social ethics, lying is not an acceptable thing. But, if you can identify the reason behind such a while lies, you can make your child understand the concept easily. On the other hand, if you scold or beat him/her at that very moment, then it can give disastrous results in the future. Additionally, it may become an incurable lousy habit of your child. They will fear to express their views in front of you. Often, the cute lies of tiny children are funny. For example, a three-year-old can say that she has not eaten anything when it is evident that her mouth is full of chocolate cake. These little ones think that they can fool anybody. However, they don’t have expertise in doing so in a sophisticated way.

Responsibilities Of Parents-Why Do Kids Lie

As a responsible parent, you should infuse moral value and ethics within your child without hampering his/her innocence. You have to enjoy their white lies at an early stage. Moreover, ensure that the family members speak the truth in front of the kids. They learn from their homes first. You will notice that, at eight years of age and above, the children are not ready to accept any kind of lies. However, another reason for lying can be that the kids do not want to share any health or mental issues with you. The main reason for this is their too much love and concern about their parents. But, as a parent, you should try to understand the issues through your observations.

Make them feel free so that they can share with you without hesitation. If you can convince them that you are always beside the child, it will leave a profound impact on the child. Also, don’t underestimate their opinions and accept them gladly. This helps a lot in their upbringing.

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